January 09, 2005
Quick way to add xpcshell to firefox and thunderbird Xpcshell is the javascript interpreter - very useful for tests and command line scripts. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be included in firefox or thunderbird
distributions - and most people who just want to play won't compile the full mozilla.

I was able to get it running by just using the binary from mozilla. In the hope that some search engine will index this page, here's what to do.
You need to get Mozilla1.7, and then copy regxpcom, xpcshell and components/libxpconnect.so to the thunderbird and firefox directory. Then register the new component and run:
  ./run-mozilla.sh ./regxpcom -a
  ./run-mozilla.sh ./xpcshell
Posted by costin at January 09, 2005 09:05 PM
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