January 20, 2005
Maybe Mork will finally die ? By far on the top of my list of stupid things in mozilla is the 'mork' database atrocity. So I'm delighted to read:

Hopefully they'll finally get rid of it. I don't think SQL is the best solution either - but it's a huge improvement. Maybe
they'll just use the berkley-db - it is already used for a couple of security files, and is simple enough ( and other mail systems
like evolution are using it with success ).

The fact that mork is still in mozilla proves that if code is ugly enough and completely undocumented - it may survive much better. I guess this
is in line with Darwin theory - a lot of stincky animals are doing just fine.Survival of the fittest...

Second on my list is the RDF syntax... The use of RDF triplets concepts across xul and templates and everything else is a great idea, but the RDF
 storage syntax is one of  the worse complexities ever made. Maybe they'll also store it in the same database format...
Posted by costin at January 20, 2005 10:11 PM
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