December 15, 2005
Nokia 770 - initial impression

Got one yesterday - it is a great device. The screen resolution is the
biggest feature - the best for a small device that I saw, at least in
this price range, a huge improvement compared with QVGA. PSP is the
only one that comes close, but it has a closed OS and no bluetooth.

I quickly hacked a USB hub - I happened to have a 'powered' one, and I
connected the +5V pin from one of the client USB sockets to the master.
I can see keyboard, usb drive, a camera - and the ipod. I have a nano -
which doesn't support transfer from a camera or video - so now I solved
that problem as well, I can use Nokia's master USB to handle the
transfer and maybe I can try to play a video, it's a different game
than a regular iPOD.  Internet radio over WiFi is working, listening to
MP3s on a network hard drive is working too - something my ipod can't
dream to do.

The software was one of the reasons I bought the device. Unlike Zaurus,
it uses tinyX/kdrive and plain GTK instead of QTE. As both API and
implementation, QT is clearly better - but it's different enough and
has all the commercial licensing problems - so I think it's a dead end.
Plus, it seems ports of mozilla ( or safari ) are on the way - and
that's all I care about for UI.

I'm now looking for a JVM - and I'll start running tomcat ( well,
coyote httpd connector without the servlet API ). I'm also looking for
a small web server with good cgi and fastcgi support.

I like to use my phone to browse the web when I'm waiting for something
- read mail, news, etc. Now I can do it at decent resolution, with real
HTTP and browser. I might change my phone too - I have a great linux
phone, A780, but with the nokia I can look for the smallest phone with
bluetooth. Unfortunately, A780 didn't connect with nokia - however my
wife's RAZR worked, so did an old E398. I suppose most motorola phones
will work fine, it was also nice to see the photos in the phone on the
770. I suppose the best fix would be to use bluez on A780, I read about
it and even copied the drivers, but never got the time to get it
working, I think the drivers were tested on E680 which has different

My interest is still in using tomcat plus a web browser for UI and
applications - I tested jamvm and it works well with tomcat ( on X86 ).
The processor on 770 claims to support the Java extensions, but I
haven't seen any OS VM to take advantage of it. Maybe Nokia will do

Posted by costin at December 15, 2005 12:07 AM
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