January 27, 2003
XHTML2 blogging

From the www-html@w3 list, Sjoerd Visscher's weblog - w3future.com. Looks very pretty in Moz (note the cssedit page). Interesting content too.. looks like a good place to steal ideas as XHTML2-in-Forrest gains momentum.

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January 13, 2003
Cocoon committer!

As Ovidiu noted, out of the blue Stefano nominated me as a Cocoon committer :) Wow, quite an honour! I've been lurking on cocoon-dev for almost 3 years now (since 1.7), and have always regarded Cocoon as 'home base' amongst the Apache projects. I've learned the secret handshakes, passwords, and am keen to begin the life of partying, carousing and beer-quaffing that Cocoon-committership entails.

Anyway, there's no longer any excuses for not getting that Anteater Cocoon test suite into src/test/anteater/. Scarier still, no excuse for not fixing the (numerous) problems encountered last time I ran it. More immediately, I really need to fix up the half-baked LinkRewriterTransformer samples...

In other news, I'm disappearing off to a small coastal town for a 3-day holiday (incidentally, Apache really needs a system for indicating who's on holiday when.. Debian has a nice LDAP setup). I bought a bunch of Discworld books at Dymocks today, to use up a voucher and alleviate the sensory deprivation that forced separation from a computer always brings on.


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