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This is the home page of libFoundation, a library that provides an almost complete implementation of the OpenStep specification plus many other extensions that can be found in the Apple's MacOS X Foundation library.

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News in libFoundation 0.9.0

  • The most important change is the support for Boehm's conservative garbage collector, that makes the memory management much more easier than the reference counting mechanism. Many thanks to Helge Hess for persuading me to implement this facility and also for his support.
  • Some portions of the code have been optimized to gain speed: objects that were previously allocated in some functions or methods at each invocation have been allocated once per-thread.
  • The library has been ported to PowerPC running AIX 4.1.5. The port is complete, it also includes the NSInvocation and NSMethodSignature classes. Many thanks to Steven Besler and Leon Salvail for supporting this work.
  • Added support for dynamically loading bundles when running in the GNUstep environment.
  • The documentation is now written in Texinfo and we documented almost all of the additional features libFoundation comes with in addition to the OPENSTEP implementation.
  • Bug fixes in several classes, including NSArray, NSString, NSObject and UnixSignalHandler.


Starting with the 0.9.0 release the documentation is written in the Texinfo format. Here is an online version of this documentation.

Remote access to the sources through CVS

You can have read-only access to the most recent developments on libFoundation using anonymous CVS. To be able to do this setup the CVSROOT environment variable like this (a Bourne shell is assumed):
  export CVSROOT
Then do a cvs login. You will be prompted to introduce a password, enter anoncvs.

Then issue this command to get the sources:

  cvs -z 3 checkout libFoundation
Once you have the sources checked out you can update them to the recent changes by running inside of libFoundation source tree:
  cvs -z 3 update


The current maintainer of libFoundation is Helge Hess.


The original authors of libFoundation are Mircea Oancea and Ovidiu Predescu. Important contributions were done by Helge Hess.
Last modified: Sun Jan 18 00:04:20 PST 2004