June 09, 2002

New to MacOS X


This is the second week since I bought my PowerBook 800Mhz, a really nice machine. There are some crude things about its hardware, like the lack of a track point, delete and function keys that work without having to press the "fn" key.

The software is very nice, as it reminds me of the old days of NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP.

However I found some programs to be really crap, especially Mail.app, which is really surprising, given the state of Mail.app in NeXTSTEP (but then this was written using the old APIs, and Apple couldn't probably convert the application easily). Its filtering capabilities need a lot of improvement. I read they're fixing this for the next Jaguar release, I can't wait for it. Since I receive about 2000 messages a day from various mailing lists, adequate filtering is essential. My procmail rules have grown so much in the past five years, I cannot manage my email without them. Unfortunately I couldn't figure a way to hook up procmail with Mail.app. In the old NeXT days, there was a command line tool, appnmail to append a new message to a mailbox. This doesn't seem to be available anymore...

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