August 21, 2002

Macworld Jaguar review


Macworld has a good review of the new MacOS X 10.2 release, nicknamed Jaguar. The new system looks fairly promising, especially the improved speed and the new Mail application.

I'm curious to see if the control panel application is now scriptable through AppleScript. I'd really love to have an AppleScript script take care of reconfiguring my Web browser, mail and SSH settings each time I switch my laptop between home and work. Today, I have to do this manually, but I hope in Jaguar there's a way to run an AppleScript each time the location changes, which would allow me to do what I need.

Anyways, I've ordered my Jaguar copy from today. They have a special $99.95 for Jaguar if you pre-order it before August 24th. I hope to have the system by Saturday, so I can install it on my PowerBook.

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