August 22, 2002

MacOS X 10.1 doesn't burn CDs for Windows!


Last night I wanted to put some pictures on a CD to be used on Windows. To my great surprise and dismay, I discovered that DiskCopy, standard MacOS X 10.1.5 application, does not know how to burn CDs running on Windows! At least not if you have long file names, not the dreaded 8.3 MS-DOS file names, which is useless today.

This is really unexpected from a system which wants to be compatible with both Windows and Linux/Unix. I hope this problem is fixed in Jaguar, I don't want to rely on my Linux box to burn CDs for Windows. And I don't want to buy any third party application to do this either!

Posted by ovidiu at August 22, 2002 11:16 AM |
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