August 29, 2002

Bruce Perens no longer with HP

Open Source

Bruce Perens, one of the original open source movement founders, is no longer with HP. He was one of the open source leaders in HP, promoting open sourcing various projects which were not the core business of HP. He was also a big promoter of Debian Linux as part of the Linux Systems Operations.

His departure follows two highly publicized cases where HP invoked DMCA to threaten a group of researchers not to publish a vulnerability of the Tru64 operating system, which HP inherited by its aquisition of Compaq. The other case where HP invoked DMCA involved Bruce Perens himself. He was asked to not give a public demonstration of a DVD region-protection circumvenition technique at the highly visible O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

As a note to the reader, my employer is HP.

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