September 08, 2002

Jaguar and per session SSH agent


Richard Johnson points out SSH Agent by Xander Schrijen, which could be used to access a global SSH agent process per login session, which keeps track of all your identities. This is a replacement for SSHAgentServices, which as I reported earlier no longer works on MacOS X Jaguar.

The only caveat with this application is that you need to have it running all the time during your login session for the SSH agent to be running. But other than is a perfect replacement for SSHAgentServices, and a clean one since is not dependent on Apple's, which seems to refuse loading of custom written plugins.

I've spent half a day trying to see why SSHAgentServices doesn't work, and I believe is doing some nasty checks to avoid loading custom written plugins. Neither SSHAgentServices, nor a little plugin I wrote as a test were loaded successfully inside

Is MacOS X becoming one of those poor platforms from Apple that Joel is talking about?

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