September 11, 2002

Even free, iCal isn't worth the price


Apple released iCal.

RandomMaccess has a comment: Even free, iCal isn't worth the price [via Matt Croydon].

The most compelling feature is the ability to publish your calendar online on a WebDav-enabled Web site, and share it with your peers. However I couldn't yet do it on the Apache instance running on my Powerbook, because of some WebDav setup issues I have.

In the first five minutes of playing with iCal, I found this bug. The window which pops up when you select Calendar -> Publish... consistently forgets to ask the URL of the site to post to, if the first time you use it you cancel the action.

To reproduce, choose Calendar -> Publish..., select Publish on a Web server. Don't enter any data, and select Cancel. Repeat the same steps again, you'll notice you're no longer asked for a site where to publish your calendar. To get back the text field to enter your URL, restart iCal.

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