September 27, 2002

XML scripting and XSLT


Ugo Cei comments on my previous comparison of native XML scripting with XSLT:

Maybe the procedural model is more understood, but is this a reason to use an inferior solution? Using goto is easier to understand than structured programming, but Dijkstra showed us that goto is harmful. Structured programming is easier to understand than object oriented programming, but does anyone really advocate throwing objects out of the window? Procedural programming is easier to understand than functional programming, but would you choose a procedural solution over XSLT? I would almost never.

Then James Strachan responds:

XSLT is great for processing an XML document in a declarative way and outputting a new XML document result. If you wanna process the XML in a different way, like work with database, invoke web services, work with your business objects then using XPath with a real programming language (say a procedural OO one) is often a good idea.

I don't think there's one size fits all uses when it comes to processing XML, its quite a broad topic.

Many times I found myself as developer of various frameworks that work with XML in great need to access XML nodes. For that you definitely some ways to access and manipulate the document's data model, and integration between the programming language (Java here) and the XML representation is crucial. JXPath has been very successful in doing just that.

However I don't think a developer of an application should use such low level features. Instead, higher level frameworks should be used instead, since they hide all the low level complexities of the XML data model, and allow for nice ways to process the XML.

SOAP-RPC libraries are a good example of that, there's no need to understand the format of the messages that go back and forth. Cocoon is another example of framework which gives a wide range of options for processing various XML sources, without having to go into the details of manually parsing or explicitly manipulating XML nodes.

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