October 20, 2002

O/R mapping: Hibernate


For the last week I've been playing with Hibernate, an object/relational database mapping tool.

The documentation is good, you get the basic ideas very easily. There are some things which are not described in the docs, but since the sources and good examples are available, you can figure these things out fairly quickly.

I went with the top-down model to define my application. I defined the Java model first, and had Hibernate generate the initial mapping. I then modified this mapping to match my Java model more closely, and now I have a working system.

The application I want to build is a user feedback system for documentation. I plan to extend it to use it in a user feedback system for a Weblog tool as well. Fully integrated with the Blogger API and email too, so readers and people that comment can get notifications by email when somebody posts a new comment. I felt this need in my blog, and I'm sure other bloggers felt it too.

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