November 19, 2002

Cocoon talks


Matthew has done a much better job than me describing the talks that happened here, at the Cocoon gettogether.

Steven and Matthew called me the favorite HP employee. I asked him if I'm the only HP employee they know: and apparently I'm not the only one ;)

One bad part about knowing people in person, is that you can't tell when people are just being polite or they really mean it when they say your talk was good.

Torsten is describing various ways you have in Cocoon today to build Web applications. He covers all the existing technologies including flowscript, XForm, precept.

Carsten had a great talk on the authentication and portal framework. Interesting, I've been thinking along the same way but using a control flow approach.

Need to talk some more with Carsten and Sylvain on possible ways to optimize Cocoon, by precompiling pipelines, such that there's no XSLT transformation happening on each request. Too bad Carsten and Matthew are leaving this evening.

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