November 20, 2002

Cocoon thoughts


In this time, I'll try to put together some of the thoughts I have after the very productive and inspiring conversations we had at Cocoon GetTogether. Too bad it was so short and Matthew and Carsten left so quickly. I didn't have time to talk in detail with them, and many of other people. But we did have quite a few beers, which was really good!

I'm very interested in moving forward with few things:

  • precompilation of Cocoon pipelines, so that as much as possible is done only once
  • automatic expiration of continuations
  • identify why my top-of-the-trunk Cocoon installation is so slow, nobody else seems to have this problem
  • propose a name change for sendPage as Marcus and Michael suggested, which will hopefully make things clearer.

I'm visiting Bucharest, my home town, for few days. I will be checking my email and blog only scarcely during this time, but I should be back in force on Monday when I get back home.

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