November 20, 2002

JFit: fit your full-blown Java app in J2ME


Sylvain Wallez's J-Fit seems to be an amazing tool. It essentially rewrites the code to remove debugging statements, rewrites the code to work with J2ME which lacks important functionality. Using this tool, Sylvain was able to fit Cocoon in a mere 1.1Mb jar file, and have it running on a PowerPC 50MHz with 32Mb of RAM. Apparently the tools is also very small, about 10 classes each with less than 500 lines of code. All the XSP pages are precompiled, so there's no compilation happening. The result is that requests are served in less than 300ms. This includes time spent by Saxon, the XSLT processor, whose results are not cached at all. With precompiled pipelines, XSLT would no longer be necessary which would speed things up quite a bit.

Hopefully he'll release the tool as open-source, so we can all make benefit from it.

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