December 09, 2002

Control flow gaining popularity


The continuations-based control flow engine, which I implemented for Cocoon on top of Christopher Oliver's modified Rhino JavaScript engine is gaining a lot of popularity.

Miles Elam writes in an email on xml-cocoon-dev:

Cocoon has pulled the rug out from under developers over and over again with great ideas that run contrary to web development norms. Compared to pipelines, the sitemap, actions, etc., flow seems a no-brainer to me. You seem to be obfuscating something that was clear to begin with -- probably more clear than just about any other concept in Cocoon.

It's great to see people getting the idea! I've also seen people like Marc Portier delving really deep in the control flow continuations-based code.

I definitely need to find some time and write good documentation on the subject. It should be really useful in spreading the idea.

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