December 22, 2002

Updated Emacs binary for Jaguar

Apple | Emacs

I've updated the binary package for Jaguar with a new version from CVS which seems to fix the crash problem that appeared in the previous version on each update of the operating system. Emacs would just segfault on each startup after the operating system would be updated.

Andrew Choi pointed out to me that some time ago Steven Tamm found a fix for this problem on emacs-dev. His fix seems to indeed solve the problem: I've compiled the package on 10.2.2 and it successfully survived the upgrade to 10.2.3, recently released.

So if you're running on MacOS X Jaguar and like Emacs, download the new Emacs binary package now!

Posted by ovidiu at December 22, 2002 01:06 AM |
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