December 31, 2002

American Deserts


I just came back from a short trip to Southern California and Nevada. I noticed I visited Death Valley in the same day as James Duncan Davidson, although he was four hours earlier than me. It turns out this was perhaps better for me, we had a gorgeous day, very sunny and warm.

Other places I visited were the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. The gardens feature an incredible collection of cacti (plural form of cactus), with over 5000 species from all over the world.

We also hiked at Calico Tanks in Red Rocks State Park in Nevada, just 10 miles west of Las Vegas. My son, who's only 3 1/2 years old, did an incredible job hiking this not-so-easy trail.

Unfortunately we arrived too late in the afternoon to be able to see Valley of Fire. We'll surely return here, it is a great spectacle of nature and its elegance.

As for Las Vegas, its ligths could be seen as a glow in the sky from as far as Armagosa Valley, a small town at the entrance of Death Valley, more than 100 miles from Las Vegas! I don't like this city, it's built as a huge entertainment park for adults, with a dubious architecture and too much excess everywhere. And smoking just kills me, it is everywhere around you, even in the so-called non-smoking hotel rooms.

I'll post some pictures in the coming days, there are too many to deal with right now.

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