January 06, 2003

XSLT-process 2.2 for Emacs released

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I'm happy to announce a new release of the XSLT-process mode for Emacs. XSLT-process is an Emacs mode for applying and debugging XSLT stylesheets from within XEmacs or GNU Emacs. You can also use this mode to do processing of DocBook documents edited with Emacs.

Tony Addyman contributed most of the changes in this release. He's using Emacs and XSLT-process to teach XSLT to students in UK!

Here are the main changes since the 2.1 release:

  • XSLT-process now uses Saxon 6.5.2, Xalan 2.4.1 and FOP 0.20.4
  • Debugging using Xalan is now fully supported.
  • Both JDK 1.3 and 1.4 are supported.
  • During debugging sessions the output produced by executing the stylesheet is serialized immediately, then displayed and incrementally updated in an Emacs window.
  • Added parameter passing to the XSLT processor. These are parameters that are specified to all the stylesheets, in addition to any other parameters. They are specified through the customization menu.
  • Logging output, error messages, etc. generated by the FOP processor are displayed in the *Messages* buffer. The level of logging can be customized.
  • Improvements to the display of information during debugging.
  • MacOS X is now a supported platform, in addition to Linux and Windows 2000.
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