February 17, 2003


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Google buys Pyra, the company behind Blogger.

Dan Gillmor: Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time
Tony Pierce: Account of the public announcement at Blogosphere
Evan Williams: Holy crap. Bloogleplications
Jason Shellen: Well, looks like someone scooped us on our own story.


Kevin Burton: Where are the Google Bloggers
Matthew Langham: Google goes blogging
Anil Dash: Google's first mistake
Jeremy Zawodny: Oh, wait. Google is the enemy. I work for a company that hopes to kick Google's ass.
Phil Ringnalda: Guess I'll have to rethink that whole "Google may not set cookies on my computer" thing, eh?
Doc Searls: Pretty amazing: I was there and even now I still have less to say about the Bloogle Thing than anybody else.

Suggestions for Google:

Matthew Langham: GoogleBlogs switcher campaign, searches for more like this weblog both in the blogsphere and in GoogleGroups, weblog comments on news articles.
Mena Trott: expand weblogs content base

Congratulations to everyone involved in the deal!

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