May 11, 2003

Cocoon flow controller implemented in Java

Cocoon | Java
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Alex Krut has an implementation of Cocoon's control flow controller using ATCT - Asynchronous Transfer of Control Threading - a proprietary technology from Velare Technologies that emulates the behavior of continuations in Java.

ATCT's enhanced Java becomes the third language used to implement Cocoon's control flow. The first one was Scheme through the use of SISC; because of the little interest, support for it is not provided anymore in Cocoon. The second language, and currently the main one used in Cocoon, is Christopher Oliver's extended version of Rhino JavaScript, that incorporates continuations support. The Cocoon integration of ATCT appears to be pretty straightforward, the new flow controller simply implements the API provided by Cocoon. Great job, Alex!

The ATCT framework appears to provide the functionality of continuations in pure Java. A similar approach has been provided in Java by Brakes, which instruments the Java bytecodes to be able to capture the state of the execution at any given point in time. I'm not familiar with the way ATCT works, but the Web site claims ATCT is "a patent pending, pure J2SE and J2EE Java framework", which is a dubious statement to me. Continuations have been around for more than three decades, so I really doubt there's anything to be patented here. Anyways, I'd be curious to know more about this technology and what is that the actual patent covers.

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