June 11, 2003

JavaOne day


Cold this morning in San Francisco, I almost regret I left home in just a T-shirt. I carpooled with Costin and the traffic was really good, no delays anywhere on the highway or getting into the city.

This year the number of attendees seems significantly smaller than that of the past years. The corridors are not as crowded as they used to be. The exhibit area has fewer exhibitors and smaller booths. Sun has the biggest booth; Borland, Motorola and few others have slightly larger booths that the rest of the companies. Lots of small companies occupy the rest of the smaller booths.

I arrived late for this morning's keynote. The part I caught was really boring, with a presentation of a RAD tool for Java. I can't believe people still do live coding during such shows. The developer using the tool had some minor problems with the code, making the presentation stale for a while. At this point I went out looking for wireless connectivity. I couldn't find any, but I did spot a place where I can hook up with Powerbook to a wired Ethernet.

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