October 10, 2003

New "L" plate from ReallyRightStuff


Few weeks ago ReallyRightStuff released a new "L" universal plate for a multitude of cameras, including for my lightweight Elan 7E. I ordered the plate and got it in mail few days ago.

Having tried the similar "L" bracket from Kirk Enterprises, I can say the ReallyRightStuff is really the winner. Their plate is surprisingly lighter and of much better quality than Kirk's metal. The RRS plate attaches directly to the body, as opposed to Kirk's "L" bracket which requires an additional plate to be mounted on.

As far as usability is concerned, not having to flop to tripod's ballhead into the drop notch of the Arca-Swiss is really nice. Especially since this in many cases the tripod is not placed in a perfectly horizontal plane. In such cases, you'd also need to adjust the tripod legs to align the camera horizontally, which is a real pain. With the "L" plate, you just unmount the camera from the horizontal position and mount it vertically. Adjusting the camera on the ballhead is then a usual operation.

I now have a spare RRS plate B24; if you're interested in getting it drop me a note.

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