November 17, 2003


Open Source

I arrived in Las Vegas last night, after the plane was delayed in San Jose for about 5 hours. Had I known that, I would have taken a later flight. Oh well...

Around 9pm I met with Steven, Bruno, Gianugo, Stefano, Gregory ?, and Pier. We had dinner at a spanish restaurant in Venice - the fake one of course.

I was pleasantly surprised to meet Steven again after last year's Cocoon GetTogether. He's a really great guy, last year we didn't have much time to talk. We discussed at great length about the flow engine, especially about the Rhino engine.

Today I woke up at 4:20am and headed to Valley of Fire, about an hour drive NE from Las Vegas. I spent a great deal of time driving around and taking some shots very early in the morning. The weather was cloudy very early in the morning, but around 7am the clouds broke up. I went on few small hikes through few red-rock canyons, and finally headed back around 12:20pm.

I'm now attending Stefano's talk on the dynamics of virtual communities. He's presenting his work on Agora, a tool for visualizing the links within the Apache community. Interesting stuff.

Next session I want to attend is Steven's introduction to Cocoon. He decided to stay at the hotel, rather than coming with me in Valley of Fire, to polish his presentation. In retrospective, I think he made a good decision, I'm very tired after getting only 4 hours of sleep.

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