January 21, 2004

SCO attacks GPL

Open Source
Yosemite on fire

SCO has decided to attack GPL by drafting this letter to Congress. (via The Register).

This attach is remarcably similar to Craig Mundie's attack on GPL and Open Source, from almost two years ago.

All of the usages of "free" in both letters are associated with money, not with freedom. In fact such freedom is deemed dangerous to our national economy and security. I hope not to see free software/open source developers labeled as terrorists.

Both letters completely ignore the fact that many companies make money by extending or building on top of these free software projects, while at the same time playing nice with respect to the communities involved. They also don't mention the innovations made possible by exactly this model: how about GCC, GDB, Emacs, Perl, Python, PHP, Apache, and many others?

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