August 10, 2004

Back from vacation


I came back from a four-week vacation less than a month ago. I hiked in the mountains of Romania (Piatra Craiului to be more precise), and toured through Transilvania, the northern part of the country. Very beautiful places and people, I really enjoyed it!

I shot some 55 rolls of slide film, about 2000 frames during the whole trip. I'm now working on scanning them using a Nikon 5000 ED with the SF-210 auto slide feeder. I scan about 3 films of 36 positions per day, which is pretty good, considering I do this only in the morning and late evening. I just feed the slides to the scanner and let it do its job unattended, which is very convenient.

Although this may look like a lot of work, it's not too bad. Except that it takes a lot of time to scan all the films I have. I'm seriously considering switching to digital for things other than snapshots. I'm waiting for Canon to come up with an updated version of the EOS 10D camera. While EOS 1D Mark II looks really impressive, it's a heck of a camera, quite heavy to be carried in a backpack in the mountains.

What would be best is for Canon to come up with a digital version of the EOS 1v, just like the EOS 1d Mark II but without the power drive booster. An 8Mb pixels camera with 3 fps, with an 1.3x magnification factor, and all the features of EOS 1v: such a camera would really rock!

I'll post some of the shots hopefully sometime later this month.

Posted by ovidiu at August 10, 2004 12:55 AM |

How about the Nikon D70? Not good enough for you?

I would love to get my hands on one of those.

Posted by: Gabriel Radic on August 13, 2004 01:23 AM

I have a bunch of Canon lenses, a good flash and many other things. With a Canon body I can reuse them. If I get the D70 I'd need to buy lenses, flash etc, again. I don't think is reasonable, I'd rather wait for Canon to upgrade their 10D. Most likely it will happen this fall or early next year ;)

Posted by: Ovidiu Predescu on August 13, 2004 01:41 AM
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