July 14, 2005

Amazon.com customer service

Hanapepe, Kauai - Hawaii

About three days ago, Amazon.com disabled, closed or otherwise made unavailable my account. Each time I try to login or recover my password, their system is telling me the email address I provided does not exist. Maybe parts of their database have been lost or who knows.

*** We're sorry. There are no Amazon.com accounts associated with the e-mail address you entered below. Please make sure that you have spelled and formatted it correctly and click Continue when you are finished. ***

I used to think Amazon is a great shopping site, but trying to reach their customer service seems to be impossible. I searched to no avail for a phone number where I could talk to a human. I sent an email message using their Web form, but didn't hear from anybody. What a poor interaction with customers, I'm so frustrated!

Update (July 16, 2005): I sent another message to Amazon, but still no word from them. However I discovered that my wife's account, to whom I had extended the Amazon Prime benefit, no longer has it. I guess it's because my account, the primary account, no longer exists.

Posted by ovidiu at July 14, 2005 01:23 AM |

we're on the same boat... I've been having troubles with my account since last year, and yet i'm stupid enough to continue buying with those idiots, Last year i made a buy, 3 out of 4 orders came, the other one kept lost in the cyber space forever, this year all of my orders were lost (4 out of 4) those guys are doing a lousy job when it comes to customer service, i tried to contact them over the webpage but didnt get any answer.

Posted by: mynor aguilar on July 18, 2005 09:23 PM

1-800-201-7575 ... I believe this is the Amazon.com Customer Service number. Good Luck!

Posted by: Frustrated Amazon Customer on August 8, 2005 06:39 PM

Had the same problem awhile ago. Ran across your site looks pretty interesting :].

US Customer Service
Phone toll-free in the US and Canada: (800) 201-7575
Phone from outside the US and Canada: (206) 346-2992 or (206)-266-2992
Another direct line: (206) 266-2335
E-mail: orders@amazon.com

Posted by: Eric Blaska on August 23, 2005 02:07 PM

Three e-mails of myself to amazon got answered within a few hours (<= 4).

Posted by: John Q. on September 8, 2005 11:19 AM

I can't even contact them by email. When I click on "Contact Us", it just takes me back to where I started!

Posted by: Ernie on September 10, 2005 09:14 PM

Amazon.com SUX! Boycott them now or all customer service will be this horrible in the future from all companies.

Posted by: Gad on October 21, 2005 02:45 PM

I was going to say ... I've heard of a lot of problems with Amazon from other sources, so none of this surprises.

Posted by: Aidan Maconachy on October 31, 2005 07:22 PM

I had the worst experience with Amazon.com Buyer Beware! To make a long story short, they lure you to get an Amazon credit card and make you think you are going to get the $30 discount on that current order. They even show a running total of what you are buying with the $30 subtracted to show how much you will save. They approve you and then it brings you back to the payment page and it doesn't automatically put the new credit card number on the page for you. I tried finding their customer support number and it is now where on their website. I did a Google search for it and found pages and pages of people complaining that they don't put the number on their site. You have to get the number on other people sites who finally found out the number. Once you finally find the number then you have to deal with the customer support. I was then lied to and told he would take care of everything. The calls get routed to India and
I have nothing against Indian people but I don't believe in customer service that you can't understand each other because of the accents and English isn't his primary language. Well my order never went through and those Christmas gifts aren't coming. So beware!

Posted by: Lisa on December 4, 2005 06:50 PM

I placed a fairly good sized order from Amazon.com today and received in both Credit Card and Checking accounts comments from Amazon that there was a slight problem. How can I get in touch with them by email so I can have whatever they say is the problem documented.

Is it possible to address them by email.

Can you help?

Sincerely, Robert J. Christiansen
310 327-3423

Posted by: Robert J. Christiansen on December 7, 2005 01:36 PM

*** We're sorry. There are no Amazon.com accounts associated with the e-mail address you entered below. Please make sure that you have spelled and formatted it correctly and click Continue when you are finished. ***

The same thing has happened to me. "ovidiu" how did it work out for you. What did amazon do?

Posted by: Mandy on December 13, 2005 03:44 PM

Mandy, call them up on the phone and complain! I filled a complaint to their customer service on their Web site, without being logged it. I then patiently waited few days for them to restore my account, in the hope there was a mistake on their part and they read my complain, but they never did. In the end, I called them up on the phone at the number listed in one of the comments, and talked to a real person. They restored my account in 24 hours or so.

Posted by: Ovidiu on December 13, 2005 05:58 PM

This autumn I sold three books on Amazon - their accounts said the money had been paid into my account - however two months later - no money has been received. When I try contacting them I just get an auto-reply - no real email. There is no phone number either. When I try accessing my account details to see if they had been changed and incorrect my password does not work and I cannot access this. Amazon may have my money, but I having posted the books immediately am out of pocket - and the postage allowed was totally inadequate too - not that I have received anything. It would appear that Amazon has been using sellers and not paying them the money they have collected on their behalf. This is fraud.

Posted by: Heather on December 18, 2005 12:53 PM

Amazon.com's phone number seems to work...but guess what? Their systems have been brought down for upgrading. Hmm. Here is what I imagine the conversation in the IT department must have been like:

"We need to upgrade our servers."

"Hmm, OK. We should find a time that does not impact our clients or our business."

"Agreed. I'll ask customer service what they think."

"They say we should take down the servers during the peak Holiday shopping season so that we don't have to answer any questions about orders until it's too late."

"Sounds good to me."

When I called in they told me 2 - 3 hours to get the servers back up and running. I tried again 2.5 hours later and guess what? They told it was going to be 2 - 3 hours for them to get the servers back up again.

Hmm. I guess this is reason enough not to ever use them again, even if they hadn't screwed up my order (which they did). Who wants to do business with a company that such an unreliable network infrastructure?

Posted by: Scott on December 23, 2005 03:46 PM

Amazon is horrendous. They failed to deliver $300 worth of holiday gifts to my sister and her family. Although the items have been returned to their warehouse and they systemically refunded the money, they continue to encounter a "known technical glitch" which prevents the dollars from actually being credited to my bank account. They just keep telling me to be patient - it's been over a month and no apologies and no refund. I'm livid with their horrible customer service.

Posted by: Lisa on January 30, 2006 07:42 PM

The credit card customer service number is 888-247-4080. I was worried about going away for 4 wks and get a statement and not know where to send the pay't and no acct # to which to apply it. Well the item's not due to be paid for about 7 wks., but what you can do is to send a payment to them with your social and a copy of the amazon invoice and tell them to apply it to your acct. They can use your name and social to find your acct #. However the credit card goes out quickly after the transaction. I have my mdse., and the invoice and the $30 was deducted from the total, so I have no prob. w/ Amazon. I have bought from them for a good many yrs and have had no probs.

Posted by: Stan Rocklin on May 7, 2006 05:29 PM

The address to which to mail payt's for the Amazon credit card (issued by Chase by the way) is PO Box 94014 Palatine, IL 60094
....sorry to have forgotten that.

Posted by: Stan on May 7, 2006 05:31 PM
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