April 13, 2007

Inside Google: interview with Eric Schmidt


An insightful and rare interview with Eric Schmidt about the inner workings of Google (via Amit.)

From the article:

I've always said that if the company were founded today on an empty lot, we would build the buildings brick by brick. We can't imagine someone else building our buildings, we'd have to build it ourselves. This is a build-it-yourself culture. The good news is there's no free land, and so we have to rent the buildings, rather than build them. But the culture is around building things. In that sense, by the way, it's similar to some of the companies (Intel, Dell, Sony) that I mentioned earlier.

[...] And there were a number of times when I frankly had no idea what to do. But the solutions didn't come as a result of me sitting in a room and inventing it. I don't think Larry and Sergey sat in a room by themselves either. It was an iteration that involved the interactions of five or ten people over a period of time. And the characteristic of such group decisions done right is enormous buy-in.

The characteristics of most companies, in my observation, is that you don't have a lot of buy-in. The decisions are top down or they're driven from some external thing. People are like, “Oh, screw that, they don't really buy in.” But a decision-making process that is a sum of its iterative process, which is how Google works, generates commitment and passion that makes my job very easy.

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